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Royalbarzz® Premium Wrist Wraps - MIDNIGHT BLUE

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The Premium wrist wraps from Royalbarzz® offer the right protection and reinforcement for every person. Due to the Velcro closure and the choice of materials, these wristbands came out as the best in the test by our athletes test panel.

Are you looking for good support for your wrists, so that pain & irritation is reduced? Or are you looking for a way to improve your sports performance?

These sturdy wristbands give you the reinforcement and support you need! Improve your sports performance.Whether you're doing calisthenics, crossfit, fitness or any other strength sport, these adjustable wristbands always give you the right support you need.

In the short term, the wristbands protect against stress, irritation and muscle pain, while in the long term the wristbands reduce fatigue and wear on your wrists. Of course, the wristbands can also be used as a wrist brace. With better wrist support, you as an athlete can train longer, recover faster and experience better results in the future.

Always the best support The left and right wristbands are both a size that fits everyone. By means of sturdy Velcro you can adjust the wristband so that the support is suitable for your personal situation. Adjust the Velcro a little looser if you can handle the flexibility, a little tighter if you want more strength and support. In addition, there is a handy thumb loop on the wristbands so that the wristband always stays in the right place.

For every type of athlete his own style Royalbarzz® has a color style for every person. The look of the wristbands completes your sports outfit.

Style color choice:

- Neon green

- Orange king

- Red blood

- Midnight blue


✓ Strengthening and strengthening of the wrists to reduce pain.

✓ Improvement of sports performance and flexibility

✓ Short term: protects against stress, irritation and less muscle pain

✓ Prolonged fatigue and wear on your wrists.

✓ Equipped with a handy and sturdy Velcro to close the wristband

✓ Different style colors available

✓ Completes your sports outfit

✓ Being the best in the test Specifications

- Number of pieces: 2 wristbands

- Material: high quality elastic polyester / cotton

- Color: Green, Blue, Orange, Red.

- Size: one size

We know that irritation or pain with planches or handstands is annoying. Order your Royalbarzz® Premium Wrist Wraps today and immediately improve your sports performance!