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Royalbarzz® Godlike Grip Liquid Chalk - 250ML

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Royalbarzz® Godlike Grip Liquid Chalk has been developed by the experienced calisthenics organizers of Royalbarzz Calisthenics Organization. Our liquid magnesium can be used in all competitions and training to reduce sweating and improve grip strength. It can be applied on the hands or feet.

Need extra grip? - #Royalbarzz has you covered, we've carefully optimized our liquid magnesium formula, using rigorous testing on professional athletes to develop the perfect blend of performance ingredients.

✓ Godlike Grip - so you can train optimally!

✓ Smaller dosages - saves you money!

✓ Less sweat, less slipping - so you can focus on your workout!

✓ Almost no dust - perfect for gyms where dry chalk is not allowed!

✓ Easy to use - comes in a handy resealable 250ml bottle that fits easily in your gym bag!

For best results when applying the liquid magnesium, wash and dry your hands first, then shake the bottle before squirting a small amount of liquid magnesium into your hands. Briefly rub your hands together and you will immediately feel the difference.

Our liquid magnesium does not clump and leaves virtually no mess or residue on clothing or equipment like traditional powder magnesium. If you train in a gym that prohibits the use of powdered chalk, the Godlike Grip Liquid Chalk can also be an accepted alternative.

The Godlike Grip Liquid Chalk from Royalbarzz is ideal for; Calisthenics, pole dancing, free running, gymnastics, weight lifting, rock climbing and many more strength sports. Godlike Grip Liquid Chalk provides a secure grip when you want to apply force.

Main benefits:

- Improves your grip

- Reduces sweaty hands

- Can improve performance

Royalbarzz Godlike Grip Liquid Chalk is made from magnesium carbonate and high quality laboratory grade + two adhesives, providing athletes with a clean, reliable grip solution that can last through an entire workout or routine without reapplication.

This unique brand of liquid magnesium is available in a resealable 250ML bottle

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