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Royalbarzz® False Gripz (black)

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The Royalbarzz® false gripz turns every pull-up bar, barbell and even every parallette into extra thick bars. Training with an extra thick bar! put your muscles to work more during strength training, giving you bigger and stronger arm muscles. The Royalbarzz® false gripz are ideal for calisthenics athletes, street workout practitioners, weightlifters, powerlifters and strongmen because you get visible results faster than with a standard training. Royalbarzz® false gripz are easy to clean and take with you, so you can also use them in the calisthenics park, at the gym or while traveling.


▶ Promotes muscle growth

▶ Enhances natural grip

▶ Easy to attach

▶ High quality silicone

▶ Profile for optimal grip

The Royalbarzz® False gripz owes its name to the calisthenics grip method "the false grip" and ensure that you develop both muscle strength and enormous grip strength. Our bar grips are slightly smaller than the well-known variant (Fat Gripz ™).


- Color: Black or Red

- Material: Silicone

- Outside Format: 10x5cm

- Inside Format: 2.5dm

- Quantity: 1Pair of 2 False Gripz

How exactly do they work?

False Gripz instantly turns any chin-up bar, parallets, barbell and dumbbell into thick bars (twice as thick).

What's so special about fat bars?

Using a thick bar means more muscle and strength on your body (mainly the hand and forearms). It produces a lot of strength and muscle gains compared to standard equipment. Fat bars are not new. Strongmen, powerlifting champions and pro athletes have been using them for decades. (Fat Gripz ™ Original)

Why use Royalbarzz® False Gripz?

So why does using a thick bar have an effect? Fat bars (and False Gripz) work for many reasons, including: - Increased muscle activation | thicker handles stimulate much more muscle activation in the hands, forearms, upper arms and the entire upper body. - More muscle activation means much greater muscle and strength gains!

Why choose False Gripz?

They have been used under the brand name (Fat Gripz) for years by thousands of athletes, soldiers and, among others, champion bodybuilders Jay Cutler and Phil Heath, many NFL players, Special Forces soldiers, UFC fighters and CrossFitters. Develop the same power and quality today, only for a cheaper price!