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Online Personal Calisthenics Training.

Would you like to prepare for your first calisthenics competition, or start training, maybe get healthier, fitter and stronger? But you don't know exactly how to approach this yet? Then online personal calisthenics training and guidance via Royalbarzz Calisthenics Organization can offer a solution! We help you with all your questions in the field of health, supplements, nutrition and calisthenics, and motivate you to achieve your personal goals.

No matter what your exact goal is, calisthenics training is for everyone! And Royalbarzz's online personal calisthenics training is completely tailored to your wishes. goals and needs.

What is your goal

  • Get healthier?
  • Want to get fitter?
  • Getting stronger?
  • Preparing for a competition?
  • Losing weight and getting slimmer?
  • Build muscle mass?

Why Online Personal Calisthenics Training?

  • Guidance tailored to your personal needs
  • Nutritional advice based on your lifestyle
  • Everything and always online. Coaching via WhatsApp, email or telephone
  • Train where and when you want
  • Your personal online coach available 24/7
  • Lower costs than a physical Personal Training

Online personal calisthenics training is suitable for everyone, regardless of your age and at what level you are currently active. So both the novice athlete and the experienced strength athlete can contact us for personal advice. A personal training schedule is ideal if you do not know exactly how to put together a good workout. Our custom calisthenics training schedules are completely tailored to your goals, level, sports situation and physical capabilities.

Your result is central to us! The advantage of online personal calisthenics training is that it is accessible and affordable. No expensive hourly rates and exercise in your own trusted environment at the times that suits you!

What is Online Personal Calisthenics Training?

When you decide to choose Online Personal Calisthenics Training, you will receive an intake form with questions about your goals, your lifestyle, nutrition and training habits and more. After this there is a quick contact moment to go through the form for feasibility and other wishes. You will receive new training schedules weekly based on your progress and deadlines. These schedules are tailor-made specifically for each customer, including you. You report the progress every week on an agreed day. This relates to, for example, your weight and comments on what has and has not been successful in the past week. The word “online” already indicates it, most contact is via the digital channel. This can be Facebook, Whatsapp or by e-mail.

The intake form is a questionnaire about your lifestyle. It is divided into a number of parts. The first part concerns your data with which we can contact you. “Objective” is the next part and also the most important part. Setting a good goal is essential. The training schedules are adjusted to this. Choose a goal that you support 100% and that you want to go for 100%. Otherwise Online Personal Calisthenics Training will not bring you much. You also have the option to fill in a number of sub-goals. For example, if you want to lose weight, but also want to achieve a cardio or strength goal, then this will of course be taken into account. to be.

The questionnaire continues with the “lifestyle” section. This is more what your social environment looks like. One of the most important factors for motivation and perseverance. If everyone says you can do it, you will sooner believe in it yourself. Work and work stress are also discussed here. If you choose training and nutrition plans, your current diet will also be viewed by (Muscle Concepts) and in this section you can indicate whether you are allergic to certain foods or if you do not eat certain foods due to a religion or belief. You indicate what you already have experience with, whether you want to use it and possibly against what budget. The schedules you receive contain (detailed) advice on which supplements, which brand and what to eat with them.

Open and honest. we expect you to be open to try everything and give 100% commitment. we expect extensive feedback and that you state honestly whether something is feasible or not. If you are not extensive in the registration form, this can be at the expense of your results. When you have answered all the questions, there are a few more assignments. These assignments include measuring a number of “start measures”. These are checked every month to track progress. Furthermore, before and after photos are taken. These are not used for advertising without permission.

After the intake: When the form has been returned and the first payment has been made, Royalbarzz will start working with the schedules. If something is unclear during the intake, the royalbarzz trainer will contact you online or by telephone to request additional information. You will receive the first draft for your schedule within 48 hours after payment and returning the intake form. It is not binding. The schedule must be achievable for you! If something is not possible, unclear or if you have questions, always ask them before you start the schedule. Don't follow a schedule that you know isn't achievable. You will then not achieve your goals by the set term and that is the last thing we want. So first give your feedback on the schedule.

Depending on which package you have chosen, you will maintain contact with a regular trainer from royalbarzz. Weekly contact via whatssapp, email or a call, in which the past week is discussed and the adjustments for the following week, is a requirement.

Online Personal Training Packages (OPCT)

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