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The International Calisthenics Cup 2019

Jaarbeurs Utrecht - Jaarbeursplein 6, 3521 AL Utrecht

The international calisthenics cup was organized at a new location! On Friday 22 and Saturday 23 November 2019 the 5th edition of our international calisthenics cup took place at the Fitfair Expo in Utrecht. Scroll down for all videos and battle results.

Fitfair is the two-day knowledge and networking fair for athletes, professionals and entrepreneurs in the fitness industry. Through education, inspiration and participation Fitfair distinguishes itself from traditional fitness and wellness fairs.

The program consists of more than 150 master classes, business seminars and workouts spread across 18 state-of-the-art meeting rooms. During Fitfair, top athletes share their knowledge in the field of training schedules, mindset and nutrition in an inspiring way. Professionals provide inspiring master classes on contemporary entrepreneurial issues for gym owners and (personal) trainers. All this, in combination with an energetic innovative exhibition floor, makes Fitfair a unique event in fitness.

Bringing together and inspiring is the mission. Creating an experience during events is the strength.

Welcome to Fitfair.

The international calisthenics cup 2019

As in previous years, the international calisthenics cup will continue to develop, with the best athletes, judges and guest appearances, in addition to clear regulations. Together with Barmania pro we will ensure that the safety and appearance of the stage are top this year.


  • Royalbarzz Calisthenics Organization
  • Tommy Giling
  • Dieter Vanderyed
  • Calisthenics Universal (UK)
  • NLCB
  • Host (Laurens)

Calisthenics Battles - Friday, November 22

  • Freestyle Beginner + Advanced
  • Freestyle women
  • Freestyle professional

Calisthenics Battles - Saturday, November 23

  • Strict-form - Muscle ups
  • Strict-form - Pull ups
  • Strict-form - Dips
  • Strict-form - Push ups
  • Strict-form weighted - Muscle ups + 10KG
  • Strict-form Weighted - Pull ups + 32KG
  • Strict-form Weighted - Dips + 48KG

* Bodyweight classes + 80KG / -80KG

Winners: Freestyle Beginners + Advanced

  • Massay Darryel (UK)
  • Kian Visschers (Netherlands)
  • Spartac Gabrijel (Netherlands)

Winners: Freestyle professional

  • Patrik Cerny (Republic of Checz)
  • Youssef Kilani (Tunisia)
  • Xavier (Spain)

Winnaars: Freestyle vrouwen

  • Carmen Venema (Nederland)
  • Iris Weissenbock (Oostenrijk)
  • Amber Daemen (Nederland)

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