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About us

Royalbarzz Calisthenics Organization was founded on January 5, 2015 by Mike Beerens and Joey Borgers.

Royalbarzz calisthenics organization, registered with the Chamber of Commerce since March 1, 2017 under the name Royalbarzz V.O.F.

On August 8, 2020 Calisthenics Organization Royalbarzz ceased as V.O.F. Since August 9, 2020, founder Mike Beerens has made a restart with new partners and grand plans, under a new Chamber of Commerce number, as a sole proprietorship. The calisthenics brand Royalbarzz was founded at the start of the new KVK number.

The sport, and with it the calisthenics organization and the competitions are dynamic and therefore not standing still! Behind the scenes we work together with various parties, including the Dutch Calisthenics Bond and The Calisthenics Platform (and much more) to professionalize the sport and prepare it for an official sport that is recognized at Olympic level.

Since 2015 we have been creating and organizing our own calisthenics / street workout competitions with the aim of promoting and shaping the sport and offering practitioners a stage where they can further develop themselves into true athletes.

Helping each other - Our motto is ''Respect all, fear none'' or treat everyone with respect and don't be afraid to join the calisthenics community. Welcoming, helping and strengthening, that is in the culture of our sport. Helping each other to get better, fitter and stronger. Collaborate, be competitive in a respectful way, no matter what level you enter.

The experienced team of Royalbarzz Calisthenics Organization who have devoted themselves over the past 5 years to sports promotion and competition development within the Netherlands, is proud that organizing competitions has become a very important contribution to international & national sports recognition!

Calisthenics Netherlands: Royalbarzz has collaborated in the past with Calisthenics Netherlands, an initiative of Guido Bakker and Jelle Smeding. They took care of the judging of the strict-form competitions. The regulations for the strict-form competitions have also been drawn up by Royalbarzz Calisthenics Organization and Calisthenics Netherlands. These were later adapted to the needs of the athletes.

Dutch Calisthenics Federation: We work closely with the ''NLCB'' the official calisthenics association of the Netherlands.

Mike Beerens

Owner and founder.

Instagram: @Mike.royalbarzz

Facebook: Mike.RoyalBarzz

Email: sales.royalbarzz@gmail.com

Tim Scheepers

Brand representative.

Instagram: @t.c.m_royalbarzz

Facebook: Timscheepers

Email: Tim.royalbarzz@gmail.com

Future Royalbarzz

Royalbarzz's plans for the future are very ambitious. The main goal of course remains the expansion of the competition sport and to promote the new brand. In addition, the organization is also working on the plans for an indoor calisthenics hall. From this hall, the organization wants to start up weekly calisthenics competitions / leagues for all levels. The organization of royalbarzz dreams of opening a calisthenics hall in every province in the future so that the weekly competitions can be organized at multiple locations in the Netherlands. Plans for this purpose have already been put into effect. We also work together with the Dutch Calisthenics Bond and several international federations through a worldwide sports agreement. On the way to the Olympics!


Oude Kerkstraat 45,

5507LB, Veldhoven The Netherlands.

+31 0648468622

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Chamber of Commerce file number: 80064256

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IBAN number: NL37INGB0006422694

Bank: ING Bank

BIC number: INGBNL2A